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Both interior and exterior residential projects last between 15 - 20 years.  At Celtic Colours Painting, we'll offer a complimentary colour consultation from an expert designer upon job approval. High-end level five service offered for clients seeking premium a finish.


Multi-Residential will receive the same meticulous treatment as a single family dwelling property. The first unit will be worked on to be approved with satisfaction prior to moving into the next units. Each unit will be comparable with the first on its attention to detail. 


We are committed to providing you the best customer service satisfaction. During the process of working with Property and Strata Managers, we offer improved guarantees, complimentary colour consultation upon job approval and a free call-back service one year after each project is completed. 


Wood, metal, cement and vinyl interiors/exteriors require an assortment of techniques and various primers and topcoats. At Celtic Colours Painting, we represent credibility and reliability in business painting. We'll work with you alongside an expert consultant for your project to ensure the product used is suitable and long lasting.  

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Celtic Colours Painting, a local owned and operated business based in the Tri-Cities, offers services throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We provide high-end painting services for interior and exterior commercial strata and multi-residential properties. Your important projects are carried out by a crew of professional painters with careful preparation guaranteeing the best work each time. 


We ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed where we power wash before applying paint and offer a complementary call-back service one year after the exterior completion. 


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"While I was President of the strata council at Sandhill Village, We engaged Celtic Painting to complete a restoration project on our complex. We had him complete the painting of the building and the fences, complete caulking to the windows and doorways, as well as complete minor repairs to siding. and as an extra we had him spray moss killer onto the roof. His crews were professional and efficient, friendly and did a fantastic job! No damage was done while painting the 16 buildings and fences. Alan was a pleasure to deal with and was good to his word. Celtic Colours prices were fair for the work completed, and the paint job is lasting well. I would highly recommend Celtic Colours Painting!"


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